Continuing with our interview series to meet the Second to Nature staff, we meet Ramona Hertzell. She is owner of Second to Nature Greensboro and from the start of owning the business she has always had a one on one relationship with her patients. What drives her? Let’s find out:

Q: How long have you been working with Second to Nature Boutique? 

A: I started the business in 1997, so about 22 years. We supply women with the products they need after breast surgery due to cancer or other similar issues. We provide the bras, prosthetics, and swimwear, among other items. We file the medical insurance for these women so they have little, or no out of pocket expense. We do all this in a beautiful boutique setting.

Q: What led you to this?

A: I really love people! I also love the challenge of running my own business. I saw an opportunity here to fill a need in the community to help women with being fitted for these products. So, I went to work growing the business and never looked back. It was the best decision I have ever made and still continues to be. I have a real passion for this business and seeing it succeed! We are women empowering women!

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects about the position?

A: Definitely my favorite part of the business is helping women to feel themselves again! They come into Second to Nature really not knowing what to expect and they leave with an entirely different attitude, disposition and demeanor! There is no greater feeling than to have that happen with a woman you have worked with. I cannot think of anything that can top that. It is definitely a very fulfilling part of my job. Also being able to see the business grow and have it be a big part of the surrounding community is fulfilling, as well. I always look forward to coming to work and the challenge that it offers as a business owner. I, and the ones that work here, have to wear several hats at times to meet the physical and emotional needs and issues of the ones who come here for our services and products. When a woman starts this journey it can be a very fragile time for them. We hope to encourage and up build these women in the best way we can. It is our goal to always improve the way we serve and in what we offer.

Q: When not serving patients at Second to Nature, what do you enjoy doing? 

A: My husband and I enjoy traveling, reading, being grandparents, helping people learn about the Bible, having friends over and volunteering our time and resources for disaster relief.